Why We Exist

Who We Are

We are you...parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and others who have learned that someone they love is transgender. It's a new normal life ahead - we need to support each other and especially the trans person we love.

When our 19-year-old told us that she was transgender and would transition to a male because that is who her mind and heart knew was right, we had questions. A lot of questions. The Internet had a million answers, but we could not parse through the truth or the political/religious/medical comments and information that helped us. We tried a local LGBT group for support, but there were no parents that matched our situation. We felt lost in "what do we do now" and didn't know the "protocol" of life from this point forward. 

Defining Transgender

When you are born, you are assigned a sex - male or female. Pretty simple, right? But it isn't always that simple. People who are transgender were born with a body identified as either male or female, based entirely on what is seen, but not how they are "wired." This is not a medical or "official" definition, but one based on how transpeople actually know from first-hand experience.  Somewhere around age 5-8, we "connect" that our gender matches our sex - that a boy is, indeed, a boy; that a girl is, indeed, a girl.  It is an internal sense of self - we know it and we see it in the mirror. BUT, for trans men and women, there is the opposite experience. Imagine being that child and not understanding why they look one way but - inside - who they are in their very soul - is not what people see and believe. 

Spiritual Connections

Many people are on a spiritual journey - some through a faith-based church or community - others through personal education and experiences. The goal of this website is to remember a guiding principle that is true no matter what your belief system - that every person is worthy. Every. Single. Person. Those who have a strong conviction that being anything other than the sex you were born with is wrong, well, you will have to find a path to love somehow. Because the bottom line is this - they will know we are Christians by our love. And statistically, transmen and women who are supported by love and family find life worthwhile in a way many others don't. Some are lucky enough to find "family" withinthe trans community because their family has abandoned them entirely. Do you want that to be your beloved?

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